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Transhumance for Biodiversity in the southern flank of the High Atlas

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Project time frame - 2001 to 2010

"Transhumance for Biodiversity in the southern flank of the High Atlas" is a GEF/UNDP project based in Ouarzazate (Southern flank of the High Atlas of Morocco) conserving biodiversity through an adaptive management scheme integrating pastoral range management with biodiversity conservation in a grazing-dependent ecosystem, and dealing with problems of degradation resulting from the reduction of human and livestock mobility transhumance and nomadism) and the appearance of sedentarisation (settled populations).

The project will address these root causes through a revival of bio-friendly transhumance and common property management regimes, land use planning, and innovative incentives for rangeland and wildlife biodiversity conservation. Consideration given to an institutional instrument such as: National pastoral code, Transhumance charter and Eco- tourism charter.

For more information and to download the project results visit the UNDP page, or contact Mohamed Hammoudou (Morocco) - a pastoralist and working with the project. Email:



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